International Hospitality Solutions(IHS) Winter Hotel training program




The new year is fast approaching. Are you thinking about your new year resolutions?
Are you happy? Do you think you can earn more money? Are you a fast thinker? Do you like dealing with people? Do you enjoy solving problems? Do you want to work in exotic locations and remote parts of the world? Do you have a strong sense of adventure and discovery?
One option is to embrace the wonderful world of hospitality.
Hotels and restaurants are the main employer worldwide.There are many opportunities in resorts, clubs, hotels, restaurants. cruise ships and wedding halls all over the world. Since there is a shortage of good hospitality professionals, many companies hire overseas workers.
Imagine yourself in Hawaii or Jamaica, surfing or sunbathing on your day off. Imagine yourself in Whistler (Canada) sliding the professional ski slopes (they were used for the winter games 2010) or scuba diving in Bermuda.
Imagine yourself in Montreal, assisting in the coordination of a world wide event.
The sky is the limit as to where you can direct your new career.
IHS (International Hospitality Solutions, Inc.) in partnership with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) and MTM Athens can offer you two paths.
The first path is to acquire your diploma in hospitality management in three short months (FastTrack) from January. The lessons are offered weeknights for 12 weeks.
The second path is to acquire your credentials through the FlexiTrack program. You complete your diploma in 6 months. You meet with your teacher as needed to answer questions and seek material qualifications. You will then write your exams.
There is also an optional practicum in Athens or Cyprus. This is offered by Our partner in Greece MTM, inc.
MTM, inc. is very well connected with major hotels in Athens and Cyprus.
We are offering our year end promotion. Book your space now, order and pay for your books and we will not charge you the tax. You save 8%.
For more information, email:
Your promotion pass is: Tsurubaso2017

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In a few, it will be 20 years that I am working, living in Japan. Wordpress is where I promote friends and clients. I have an increasing list of sites. Always searching for new clients and contributors.

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