International Hospitality Solutions(IHS) Winter Hotel training program

1280px-ritz_hotel2c_december_2015_06We start in January….

For 12 weeks and one day (excluding Holidays), you will undergo intensive and rigorous education to help you become a hospitality professional.

Start date: January
Time:18:30-22:30, Monday to Friday
Location:World Udagawa Building, 6F
36-6 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya ku
Tokyo, 150 0042


Hospitality Today
Hotel and Restaurant Accounting
Management of Food and Beverage Operations
Management of Housekeeping Operations
Supervision in the Hospitality Industry
Management of Front Office Operations
Hospitality Sales and Marketing
Managing Computers in the Hospitality Industry
Facility Management
Managing Human Resources
Security Loss and Prevention

12-Course Hospitality Management Diploma

The Hospitality Management Diploma is earned after the successful completion of 12 courses that provide a comprehensive study of the major aspects of running a hospitality operation. Courses include an introduction to the hospitality industry, rooms division operations, food and beverage operations, marketing, accounting, and supervision. Students must pass each course’s 100-question exam with a score of 70% or higher. Students will receive a certificate of completion for each of the 12 individual courses, as well as a framed diploma in recognition of completing the entire curriculum.

Learning objective: Prepares students for managerial positions in a lodging operation, with foundational knowledge of the various operational areas of a hotel. Students who complete the curriculum are prepared for a supervisory or management trainee position at a property, beginning a managerial career path.

Minimum requirements:High school graduate, 500 TOEIC score or equivalent, short interview.

Diploma in Hospitality Management. Breakdown of the costs…

Our tuition fee is Yen 400,000 + tax+ Cost of 12 textbooks Yen 133,645 (Plus tax, shipping and handling)

Your program is 244 hours long. If you divide 400,000 by 244 you will get 1,639.34426. Let’s round it off to 1,640.

You are paying 1640 yen per hour to
Get an international diploma in Hospitality Management plus
12 achievement certificates (one for each course that you pass)
Learn a new subject
Launch a new career
Learn in English
Possibility of Jobs abroad

It is cheaper than studying English with a teacher at a cafe.
We have two scholarships for deserving students and a referral fee.

Inscription :

For more information, email:
Your promotion pass is: Tsurubaso2017

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