Kitchen Management


Join Denis Catroun of IHS (International Hospitality Solutions) Monday July 24 for 9.5 hours of

-cost control,


-purchasing advice,

-menu engineering,

-menu planning and design,

-pricing for profit and labor cost control.

We will also discuss

-performance appraisal,

-staff training,


-conflict management and leadership.

Number of participants: 8

Location: World Udagawa Building, 6F
36-6 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya ku
Tokyo, 150 0042

Day and time: Monday 07/24, 9:00-19:00 (lunch 30 minutes)

Language: English

Manual: Yes and various handouts

Pre-requisite: English level, TOEIC 500 or more. The instructor is trained in teaching to English as a second language participants.
Basic understanding of high school arithmetic (basic operations, percentages and ratios).

Format: Lecture, discussions and exercises

Deadline for booking: Try to apply

Cancellation: One week

Payment: Bank Transfer


5 hours of coaching to get you started

Y 70,000 tax included

To book:


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