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To share or to Cloud

I don’t know how I will structure this post because I learned so many things this time that I’m completely lost in how to put things in order.

But let’s begin by the beginning.

I am in the search of a computer as you know because my home computer is too lazy to be used for all the tasks that I’m thinking of, I never studied about cloud computing and all those new vocabularies coming around as you can guess easily. I have always been working without much tech tools around me. I was a teacher, I was a salesman, speaking foreign languages, as English by the way, and even my Event work was more based on the relationship and about passion around concepts. As I said in the previous post I search for ways to share computer.  I found wonderful software, here is some posts about them. Windows can do it also itself. Here for Seven.  Here another list.

Mainly you can use your home computer at work sharing all the data, all your settings.

TeamViewer is maybe the most sprayed software about this. LogMeIn sound promising as well. And after that, reading in forums and post blogs that the server have also desktop function. I found some services providers. You rent virtual machine that’s what they call it.

Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, and the video of the second,

I found also this funny futuristic way to work that will surely spread, called the virtual desktop.

To get back to the subject of desktops on the cloud, VMWARE (among other services) is a a leader.

And I found that progressively your computer will turn to be an empty box, for sure all the data will be on the cloud as we already know but also all your software. For now mainly because of connectivity you have mainly writing tools reading tools but not much of the 3d tools and 3d manipulation tools like those I’m trying to find but this will change because of the work of Nivdia and Microsoft.

This service is called Azure

And here is an article about the collaboration between Nivdia and Microsoft


Yet this revolution is to come. No CAD, no car design maid in the cloud yet.

Or you correct me.


Days of Future Past

But let’s talk about the future and what will be. What all those change will implement in the social life of everyone of us in the future. As Facebook and Apple have privatized the software distribution (Apple store) for example, you aren’t an Apple employee but you will give 30% of your profits to them because you are on Apple store. Software distribution will depend on those platforms surely there will be specialization for now the biggest one are as you surely know it Amazon, Apple, Microsoft. And finally your work desktop, your tablet will only be a window to your visualized desktop that will contain all your data and software. I didn’t include A.I. into my talk… Then in the future finally the worker will be really an unsteady asset. All your belongings, I mean all your data all due process will be retrieve to you on one click of a button. Workers will be extremely movable and specialized or they just won’t work or for some data entry works.

As I said somewhere else I think human solidarity is a natural thing and a full black and dark future will not be. That’s finally what we are. Human, we will be with solidarity, and in the same time horrible.

Syndicate would not be able to be created in the first time, But an etiquette, and rules will pop up and companies will be build on specific ethical rules, freely chosen by employee will.


Middle-Age in the cloud

I don’t know why but I cannot stop thinking about the Middle-Age, the destruction of great state, Empire divided into little structures with at their head a Castle owner. I think that somehow in our future, an extremely mobile and short in size structure, organized by Talented worker who will create their team and become essential.  The main problem will be unskilled persons.

And maybe because we are talking science fiction now and we are far from my need of computer, I will say that 3D visualization and A. I. will enter into the game. When you enter into the company you will be given a pair of glasses, this will be your permanent computer. you will be always working where ever you are, but working will be like having a virtual secretary always working for you. A. I. will evolve so much in the future that you will always be exchanging…when I say exchanging I mean speaking with your A. I. and evaluating the work to do. Then mainly left to you, will only be decisions. In the other hand far from this group of technological elite there will be the others without the glasses that will try to by any means necessary to destroy the data centers castle. Anyway that’s science-fiction and I was day dreaming. But I still need a computer. And it’s not really ready to be used for 3D purpose remotely shame on me I have to ask for money let’s go to the third possible challenge.


The interesting thing also about all that, if computer are just windows to servers where we keep all the data and software is that finally you don’t really need to hire someone from a highly paid country.  You just need someone competent in the specialty wherever in the world, then massively English speaking country will be the next winner and forget about IT job if you have no management skill or if you are not willing to move around the world.

And also VCs job would be much easier. We already see with crowd funding company some virtualization of the tasks. But in the future anyone, anywhere will be able to access to founding. In their platforms, the tools will be available to create the first mock up or first prototype of either service or concept. The real difficult part will be the creation of the team, intercommunication, and to keep it running. From the data, on his own platforms, the VCs will be able to either crowd found either negotiate to big companies and for them nothing to be given in first hand. Companies creations will be fast, the futures CEO will be even younger that you think, as I said, the difficult part will be team making…if you see work as a game…


Author: tsurubaso

In a few, it will be 20 years that I am working, living in Japan. Wordpress is where I promote friends and clients. I have an increasing list of sites. Always searching for new clients and contributors.

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