Retail from the shop point of view 7

I know, I contradict myself more than one’s saying that I would speak about the location and identification of products inside the shop. I know one company in Tokyo that can do that, for identification. I will maybe find others that I will add later on, but for the positioning it would be a hard task.

Why positioning will be difficult ?

Because at first, like lots of people, I thought that insert microchip into the product should be a nice solution, I mean into the package or either if the product is big enough into its circuits but the cost for that is too important, even Amazon tried to find another solution. Here are two links the video of the Amazon Go project

And analyze of the tech involved.

Then for the recognition of products complex, set of Camera, QR code like, an A.I. completed with sensors into shelves. I even thought about radiation sensors, crazy and dangerous. Infrared printing, sonar system or other sensor but as a conclusion I thought that this is the difficult part, this part would not be mine to write, because I cannot be every role in this story. Here comes the genius engineer. Anyway I just don’t know how location notification of product will be made but it will be necessary for the system to work I just accept the fact that this is not my role to properly speak about it. We are about concept anyway.

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