Retail from the shop point of view 5



Price change everything.

I will review problems with the sales team and think about solutions in this post.

Everyday prices are changing.

And some times like the last Friday, every single price in on day, in a magic wand (except that the wand was 3 guys from 10h to 22h, non-stop, the others taking care of the shop and clients).

When you go to this kind of shop or any kind of shop you are not conscious that everyday price are changing. Prices are changing because the product doesn’t sell well, because the project is at the end of its life cycle, price are changing because it was decided so. It depends on shops but sometime you have two sets of prices or even three sets of prices for each product, the white one, the yellow one, and the big promotion price one. See above.

Products have to be found and prices must be changed, for that product bar-code scanned and through different sets of software running into company OS you print your prices.
I know this part to be boring but it’s the everyday life of lot of people. And nobody thinks about it. It’s about 30% of the labor time.

I will speak INVESTOR language. If technology was more into reduce worker time, you will need fewer workers, then you will make lots of savings. A big nice amount of it.

But you need to invest in tech and ask for habits change from clients.

You need also to distribute the new fancy product that will ease everything, make it a habit, also that other shops chain follow your example. And then from there share the risk with other companies.

(Finally not so easy today, but tomorrow ?)

Then Why print Price?

Ok, I am a very bad draftsman. I’m not going to make a drawing. But the idea is simple. I think that better than VR, MR has some big success ahead. If you put on your MR Glasses and prices was showing near the product. You will not have any need to print or change anything. You will have 2 big difficulties, identification of the product and spacial positioning of the product at any time.

Almost all problems of the previous post are solved, Prices, promotion campaign, organization of the disposition of product in the shop, in the backyard, you will need 2 interfaces, one for the client and one for the sales team, with a different info for each one.

That’s it.

Let’s make those Glasses!!!

Next post speak about positioning of product inside the shop.

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