Retail from the shop point of view 4


Reality of the Shop

Client point of view does not solve shop problems, you have multiple stocks, changing prices, crazy superiors, feared as much as the shop can be turned upside down and 2 months of labeling and fighting against disorder can be destroyed in 2 hours. Designers only think client experience as a smooth, linear experience. In reality, a shop and the backyard are in a constant mess that you have to fight with (against).


For the shop team, it’s sexy to have a robot for example, but it will not boost the sales. It will only make work harder. Compress time, after 2 weeks you can find it in the backyard. Or left aside.

Technology must be part of the team sales process or it will be ignored.

To tell it short…ever body speak about digital experience without the point of view of the actual sales team.

A shop with lots of articles, let’s say the first floor of an Electric shop. BestBuy, Yamada  denki, Yodobashi kamera, Fnac, Virgin…

Here comes some truth about shops:

  1. prices changes every day, print it and replace it.
  2. campaign promotion, print it, place it.
  3. stock management, products have to be sent back to maker, decision of maker, problem with the product, or what ever
  4. sales objectives to be fulfilled.
  5. And not the last and surely not the least, sold products automatically replenished with new products meaning finding places, new prices.
  6. Communications with the makers sales team that come sometimes in the shop,
  7. But more than 6, new products that comes without any info, promotions tools nor any contact with maker team. Deal with it.

This is every day, and you are never more than 5. I omit also the security check of the picky firefighters. The Backyard? Push everything on sides, it will look organized. Yes you are mixing products, yaaaaa.

As a conclusion for this post I would say that leave the marketing team and the designers make the slides to sale to CEOs, but listen to the shop team who are fighting every day against time and products.

Today again the battle was lost.

Then I will add something absurd but even if Amazon is selling more and more every day shop will not disappear, shop will integrate the web experience in the real world. I just don’t know how because I’m not a specialist but as I will say in all the posts it is not my role to find technology that will make it possible, my role is to express an image of what is necessary.

But let’s be back and announce the next post, It will be about What the shop team need, and in how savings can be made with it.

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Author: tsurubaso

In a few, it will be 20 years that I am working, living in Japan. Wordpress is where I promote friends and clients. I have an increasing list of sites. Always searching for new clients and contributors.

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