Retail from the shop point of view 3

Nice and really…


Here is more ground facts point of view…

Ok let me add this last…

Nice but…

I speak only for myself,

this is a vision of guys that have never had to make latte, or sale lightning cable in a real shop for a living.

Or with the back door storage facility to organize. You alone with millions of products to give a purpose to.

No real connection to immediate profit in the real life. No gain of time for the shop.

They did a great job in these videos, and I am sure they are hard workers… They surely drank lots of lattes.

I just want to emphasis on the fact that those videos are always from the shopper, client point of view.

But if a new technology is a loss of time for the shop team, it will just die. Faint away.  In Japan, more than nowhere else.

My purpose is to speak about how to make an immediate use of it, in real shops, just now… follow me in the next post. I will speak about shop reality and not augmented or mixed at all.

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Author: tsurubaso

In a few, it will be 20 years that I am working, living in Japan. Wordpress is where I promote friends and clients. I have an increasing list of sites. Always searching for new clients and contributors.

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