Ready for the big bond



Ok this will be fast and without article selection.

Will be possible to select a nice list of respected newspaper’s articles saying controversial or contradictory things. I didn’t lost faith in the Financial Times and others…

It’s just that I have no time to find the arguments. I would have love to, but, new job, new busy me.

In One hand, the BOJ buys bonds, and in the other hand make interest rate negative for some of them.

Ok, you lose money if you buy it then. Why you buy it?

I read that the number of purchased bonds was in a sharp decrease, like a half of last year or something.

But what make the Japan budget? You know like me that Japan have a terrible tax policy, and with this eternal recession, not getting much return from the private sector.

The budget is 50% tax and 50% JAPAN BONDS, the previous bonds that are negative and not worth to by bought.

Surely I am missing something.

Must be different type of bonds.

Also an other trigger if nobody buys, the interest rate must go up? With the borrowing level of the Japan gov this will also not be possible.


I am out.




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