About Propriety in Tokyo

Up the buildingPriti I do appreciate your firm policy, tell the truth on Tokyo market,  and sell propriety where it is, and will move, Fukuoka, Sapporo.

Tokyo for those who are not in Finance, and even…, this truth is in front of you each morning. Empty shops, apartments that does not light up,  promotion panel without add, it is like this since Abe.

But In the same time, lots of tourists, much more than before, huge market ahead, but I am not so sure if Japanese get the change.

Recruiting is harder than before I guess. Yes Japan companies AND FOREIGN COMPANIES are searching to recruit manly Japanese. And I will add nothing about the population figures, you have seen them millions of time.

Foreigner employee (me included) are in every corner, Japanese will have to progressively adapt to that also.

Will they?


Author: tsurubaso

In a few, it will be 20 years that I am working, living in Japan. Wordpress is where I promote friends and clients. I have an increasing list of sites. Always searching for new clients and contributors.

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