The Colonel


You know this great American.
Symbol of success event with age.
This guy is also my hero.
I will not tell you how my story is near from his…
I am just 43.
No, I do respect his work.
But be honest, why was it possible?
Let’s face facts.
Baby boom, strong middle class, everyone eager to consume.
A good food for a reasonable price.
In Japan, his image and Santa always mix together.
No, at his time, no white bus in LA, no Uber, steady jobs.
Young entrepreneurs was not competing for how much they were able to leverage by VC.
Good old door to door, cold call business.
Trust was his only value when he decided who to franchise or not.
The legend says he should have made money faster but he always refused who he didn’t trust.
Sleeping in the car, traveling fare away.
He is one of my hero.


Author: tsurubaso

In a few, it will be 20 years that I am working, living in Japan. Wordpress is where I promote friends and clients. I have an increasing list of sites. Always searching for new clients and contributors.

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