"Laval Virtual” World biggest VR festival

20 of  May, Orange Labs Tokyo, 17h

Here to participate

Do you know “Laval Virtual“?

In the Midwest of France, in the Loire region, the prefectural capital of Mayenne, the city of Laval is a beautiful medieval city.
La travarsée de Laval ! The Crossing of Laval!

(Photo Laurent Dubus)

Famous for its dairy products like Camembert cheese. However, it is not only known for that. Virtual Reality research and development as for a long time now be one of its strength. From 1998 to be precise.
So, it may be the one of the biggest VR regional development in the entire world.
In this event, Dr/Prof Akihiko SHIRAI, (Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan), who is a session chair of Laval Virtual ReVolution, will introduces you to the festival “Laval Virtual”.
It is continuing for 18 years, every spring. It bring the latest VR with entire world and local public people and industries.
We will also introduces the International conference “ACM VRIC”, Exhibition, Startup-company contest, AR/VR contents, emerging technology demonstration “ReVolution”, active and of a global company based in Laval, including EON Reality, University City, for urban planning, and also introduces you student VR contest IVRC, which is a bridge that connects the French and Japanese VR community IVRC.

We welcome who are VR-related technologies, research and development, business, and people who are interested in the world VR community!

Our Main Presenter will be Professor

Akihiko Shirai

Akihiko Shirai
His Twitter is a good source of information or his Facebook
For a Japanese Backgroud refer to his Wikipedia Page

This event will be inspired by this event
Click here in French


This event will be mainly in Japanese 主に日本語

In English Professor Shirai will participate to this event.


We will talk about
1) VRIC(international conference in VR)

2) IVRC(international student competition) Japanese
In English

3)ReVolution(open competition of innovative VR demo)
in Laval Virtual.


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